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The Importance of Electronics Recycling

In todays world electronics are more a part of our lives than ever before and making sure we recover, reuse and recycle them is vital to ensure necessary resources are persevered. It is estimated that only around 15-20 percent of all e-waste is recycled worldwide with the rest being improperly or illegally disposed of. The speed at which we replace/upgrade our electronic devices is only increasing and making sure we all do our part to properly recycle these devices is crucial to keep pace with our ever growing demands and maintain environmental integrity.


When we began this business we set out to make the electronics recycling process as easy as possible by marrying our knowledge of metals recovery/recycling with our desire to preserve and protect our planet for all future generations. Here at Computer Removal we have put together a comprehensive program for recycling electronics to serve all industries, as well as all individuals. So join us today to help us meet our goal of eliminating electronics from landfill and ensuring they are all properly recycled.

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